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Point Innovation continues to help its clients capture market opportunities through the use of large-format images suitable for large prints.  With EBACE 2015 fast approaching, one of Point Innovation’s clients needed updated conceptual images of their latest product design to be used at a trade show.  Because of the complexity and depth of rendering, this particular job presented unique challenges.  Point Innovation stepped up to meet their clients goal by tripling their internal servers rendering capacity and utilizing their in-house team of expert designers.  This experienced team has backgrounds in OEM aircraft development, mechanical engineering, industrial design, and completions design.

Using geometric data, Point Innovation created realistic visual images of the product being used in different environments. These images included the generation of 3D geometry to complement the unique qualities of the product, along with the generation of realistic material mapping. Part of this process involved evaluation of the product surface options that included translating all of these options into the new geometry. These images became the focal point of a handful of new press releases for their client, and are generating the desired market response. The final images were completed ahead of schedule to be incorporated into the booth, website, and other marketing materials.


This project represented the technical expertise that Point Innovation prides itself on, not just from a marketing or visualization aspect, but also from a highly engineered perspective.


Point Innovation is a creative agency that combines the best of staffing, industrial design, and engineering to capture opportunities and enhance the effectiveness of our clients.  Our strength lies in providing innovation at different levels of an organization as well as in the products it offers.  We are experts at the product development process, we are responsive to client needs, and accomplished at  creating innovation.  Point Innovation can be reached at 972.315.9207, info@pointinnovation.com or by visiting www.pointinnovation.com

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