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Point Innovation Presents at Lewisville STEM Academy

February 22-28 was Engineering Week, and to extend our “Innovation for the next Generation” spirit we were invited by Johannes Stark, the Campus Manager, at the Lewisville High School’s STEM Academy to talk with students about our career paths.  We met with Gary Wilhelmi’s classes in engineering and robotics.  During our visit we had the opportunity to see the projects they are working on and discuss how we, as individuals, entered into the engineering (or design) field

Four members of our senior staff presented their backgrounds, and what influenced them. In addition, they discussed proactive steps class members can now take as students to get into the field of their choice, what types of projects we are currently working on, and what a typical day involves.  First to present to the early morning classes were Jim Murphy and Eric Eiselt, and following them were Chris Howery and Wyman Pierce.

The high school STEM Academy is a local charter school focused on math and sciences.  STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.  In a college-like campus, students are taught by highly motivated faculty that promotes working in a team-based environment.

Innovation for the next Generation


Point Innovation is a multidisciplinary design consultancy that blends creative and technical design to create innovation.  They serve a broad range of clients across the globe, from individuals to large corporations.  Their design methodology is to augment the client’s expertise with their own excellence and experience in product design. Working within their client’s systems makes the client interface effortless and effective.  Point Innovation has the experience, resources and services available to meet a multitude of industries.  They can be contacted at www.pointinnovation.com or by phone at 972.315.9207.

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