Pinnacle Cervical Brace


Industrial Design, Engineering, Prototyping


Medical orthopedics had not been revolutionized in several years leaving patients with inconvenient solutions
We were approached to develop a orthopedic cervical brace by Breg Inc, a company dedicated to solving the concerns and injuries of the patient. Medical Orthopedics is a branch of medicine dealing with the correction of deformities of bones or muscles. These orthopedics often use non-intrusive method of braces to help re-align, stabilize, or provide extra support during surgery – in this case for the neck and spine. Opportunity presented itself when Breg’s team identified a two year gap in the advancement and refinement of spinal orthotics. Breg Inc sought to enhance the aesthetic appearance and functional performance of existing products in the current market, while minimizing cost and complexity.


Several layers of patents understanding, materials, user interaction, assembly, final production strategy, and optimization.


A fully adjustable cervical brace that provides structure where necessary and breathability all day long.