Entegra Crossfire Tablet


Industrial Design, Engineering, UI/UX, Prototyping, Manufacturing, Production


Hand Held Common Platform- wireless test equipment with touchscreen technology designed to withstand an extremely rugged environment.
Aeroflex came to us to develop a cutting edge, rugged device which would serve as the flagship to their new product line. Aeroflex develops a line of electronic communication test equipment based on a touch screen interface and modular PXI cards. The Aeroflex Hand-held Common Platform would be the world’s first and only RF based portable radio altimeter flightline test set.


A device that is not only a fraction of the size, but which is exponentially more capable thanks to a modular CPU designed around interchangeable PXI cards.


Convenience without compromise: What was once a bulky tower of equipment is now a rugged hand-held touchscreen device.