AS2 Jet Interior


Industrial Design, Engineering, Prototyping


A truly innovative and unique customer experience for Aerion in a cabin that is sized appropriately for supersonic travel.
In search of a company to outfit the interior of their concept jet, Aerion founders reached out to update the configuration and create a timeless aesthetic with an innovative user experience for the new AS2 supersonic private aircraft. It was to reflect the superior quality of design and engineering of the flight systems and fuselage that that has been consistent throughout their company’s history.


To accomplish this balance of cabin volume and cross section versus aerodynamic drag point, we had to rethink passenger living spaces.


Unparalleled luxury and unmatched speed in the worlds fastest global business jet.
The AS2 was developed through an extensive R&D effort made in conjunction with aerospace research organizations like Stanford University and NASA.
1) Competitive interior analysis of 2 zoned stand-up cabins that sell for a quarter of the price. 2) Identify and explore the features driving the design from the start. 3) Full Scale block mock-up to validate human factors
Exploration of final concepts for the aircrafts exterior. (livery)
Point found a balance of height, width and length to create a unique interior cabin providing two comfortable defined seating areas for eight passengers, a large aft lavatory with inflight access to baggage and a forward cabin entry vestibule, galley, wardrobe and crew lavatory.