Peterbilt Truck Interior


Assisted Peterbilt in design and construction of a full scale working model of a sleeper compartment for the Peterbilt 587 Truck. Provided design, management, and build oversight throughout the design and build process. Point Innovation remodeled the interior components of the sleeper area based on files provided by Peterbilt, updating design to allow for construction techniques, materials, hardware, time constraints or any other issues.



Discovering trucking culture and experiences

Create a Home

Materials were carefully selected to fit the environment of a truck cabin, while creating an open, home-like living space.

Expand the Space

Passenger seat was removed and replaced by a modular business unit. Expandable “pop out” section was added to the back of the cab allowing space for a convertible sofa to full sized bed.

Freedom of Choice

Three separate modular areas present drivers with a variety of options to choose from when customizing the interior: additional storage, TV, entertainment, exercise unit, toilet, or a washing machine.


Bringing Ideas to Life

Creating a customized home-like cabin interior


Truck drivers spend a significant amount of time inside their truck cabin, becoming their home for months. However, unlike a home, the driver is currently unable to modify the space to fit their needs. Especially, for drivers operating as a “one person team”, these extra commodities only consume valuable space in the cabin.

Problem: Truck cabins are pre-configured with a static interior, inhibiting the driver from personalizing the interior space to fit their unique lifestyle.




The new trucking experience

Peterbilt and Walmart partnered on the development of transportation technologies to improve efficiency, increase environmental stewardship and enhance the driver’s experience. The Walmart Advanced Vehicle Experience is a great example of advanced technology and radical styling demonstrated for a concept vehicle. It includes a home-like modular flex interior that accommodates to meet individual driver needs.